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Values and guidelines for funding

Please see below the values that Springboard aim to apply to their work.  These also serve as guidelines for the type of projects we support.

  • Supporting new initiatives
  • Start small, respond quickly
  • Bottom up rather than top down
  • Supporting projects from across the entire Christian spectrum and potentially beyond.
  • Releasing rather than controlling


  • We would really encourage applications from individuals and/or groups who are seeking to address local needs
  • Please note we are unable to financially support social action franchises

If you would like support from Springboard (this could be financial, networking, advice or anything you can think of), please click here.

Please feel free to get in touch even if your idea isn't fully formed as we may still be able to help you!  You can see some of the other projects we have supported on our 'Your stories' page.


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Christians working in the community.

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